Sunday, 31 August 2008

A brand new day

BioCorp. Tirelessly working to ensure that you, the consumer, have nothing short of the highest standard of tyranny in your unquestioned global ruler.
Although I think I'd prefer to be a baron, when all's said and done, because that sounds much classier.
And y'know, maybe someday I'll finally get around to specifying what it is that BioCorp does. There's an evening's entertainment right there.

Might as well tackle a large issue for the start of something new, here. Might as well tackle the world. Everything. I mean, it's a peculiar thing. Go back 200 years or so, which really isn't a huge length of time, and people were still trying to drill holes in people's heads to let autism escape or selling snake oil. The world as we know it, nothing seems to stay the same from one decade to the next. Personally, I blame the Internet. Again. There's an old quote out there, something along the lines of how computers haven't made us smarter, they've just made us wrong but a lot faster. The Internet's just accelerated that even more. Now everyone can share everything they know in an instant, so everyone has to race to be the first to discover something and even if you are wrong, someone's going to hit the nail on the head eventually. I mean, alright, information sharing doesn't really work like that unless you're in open source software, but technology is spiralling out of control. Everything's moving at such a rate now that I honestly can't keep up.
And so, let's return fondly to the past:

In the old days, medicine might have actually killed you. Now, waiting for your medicine might actually kill you. I'm not sure what's preferable.
In the old days, we had stocks or tarring and feathering to humiliate people. Now we have reality TV. Except tarring and feathering probably doesn't destroy any chance you have of landing a normal job ever again because you decided to get naked one night and sing the national anthem.
In the old days, all people wanted was the technology to improve their lives. Now, a surprising amount of people seem to want to go back to the past. Medieval re-enactments, Victorian murder mystery weekend, ren fairs and such.
In the old days, little would have made a musician happier than for the world to hear their music. Now, they try to sue you into submission for using download services.

Maybe things really don't change that much. Maybe we're all just crazy, but in a different setting and with more inventive ways to blow ourselves up.

I do sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be interesting to at least see the past world, if only for a while. There's so much we're losing by progressing as far as we have. The art of conversation, the ability to actually relax. I mean, the fact that people have to actually schedule time out of their lives to properly relax, that you have to book your quiet time, that's terrifying. But I think what I'll miss most of all is the names. People in the past got all the cool ones. They had planets named after gods, things like excalibur, triremes and such. And what do we have now? Phones4u, a town named and football stadiums named after beer.
But the future. I really don't know what to say, there. We've gone from being very British (granted, we were making a good go of conquering the known world), slightly posh and uptight to being fairly American with industry, business and a general fast paced nature to things. It's exciting, if exhausting, but I'd like to know where we go from here. I hope it involves flying cars. I mean, everything the Jetsons taught me so far has been a lie.

Well, here's to the future, anyway, whatever it brings.

A new blog needs a new gimmick, I think. I can't do emotions, here, so let's go for alliterative blog tags.

And for reference, 80 posts worth of previous blogs are stored over at Some are good, some are bad, one is about Jesus' personal truck. It was quite astonishing to see.

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