Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Project 42 - week 2 (War of attrition and the diet)

Current weight: 15'10.5 (220.5)
Progress: -1.5 from last week.

Well, that could have been worse. It's been a shaky start for a few reasons:
1. I didn't realise exactly how much I loved freedom of choice in my meals. I love convenience food. It's a BIG problem for me. Boiling water, frozen chicken piece in the oven, pasta in the pot and it's done. When I can't get a hold of these things because they're not low in fat or in calorie, I start to crave them a bit.
2. Fast food. Only recently become a problem, but I've been going out a lot more than I ever did, so time's a bit of a rare commodity. And pizza's so handy when I'm playing D&D...
3. I'm a carb and cheese junkie. Pasta, rice, bread...
4. Portions. Even with things that are good for me, I don't have much concept of how much food is "enough" when I cook alone. I've ended up with giant salads at work this week, followed by gas (I'm not sure why I eat cucumbers, they don't like me at all) and stomach cramps. Oh well.

So it looks like a few lifestyle changes are in order. I've got a diet of sorts, it's working pretty well.
Breakfast - 3 little slices of brown seeded loaf with cottage cheese. It's really quite small bread.
Elevenses - 1/2 oranges and a banana
Lunch - salad. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, celery, sometimes some onion. Crunchy and makes me pee like a racehorse. I've got a better idea of portion sizes now.
Dinner - if I'm out, a sandwich or some sushi, maybe cereal when I get home. In, it's some sort of base component (1 bt of breaded chicken, a small pie, some quorn) with a lot of veg. Easy on the potatoes.

Sometimes dinner will become pasta and a chicken kiev if I've been to the gym and want to replace carbs.

Time's the problem, but nothing new there. Anyways, I reckon 1lb per week should be both sustainable, but will keep me taking this seriously.
Next week... eh, maybe the exercise regime.

And for something to write on... alright, this has been bugging me. You know those washer tabs? The little liquid pouches with the green stuff in them that are water soluble? Why don't they melt fromt the inside? I mean, is that stuff oil based?

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