Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Oh yeah, on time, baby!
Well, if I ever called anyone baby. Maybe my car, but my relationship with that is rather complex.

Interviewing is a funny thing. I can't think of a single person that would ever tell you "just go in there and be completely honest about everything. BRUTALLY honest", because I've been there. I've been to maybe a dozen of the things, now, and they're mostly an exercise in relating your own personal experience to the job and little else. Not that you omit things, but you certainly never say more than anyone asks unless it's relevant.

That must sound rather sinister.
I mean, I've never told an interviewer about the time I was dumb enough to get my doughy ass dropped out of the loft, unless they ask about any periods of absence.

It occured to me today, what'd happen if we took that interview mentality to other situations? Situations where we're still trying to prove ourselves, we're still a bit nervous, but where they're still slightly different? I mean, interviews sort of confer a kind of style of thinking that you really don't find anywhere else, being that you're trying to make yourself appear as awesome as possible in under an hour.
"Y'know, I really think we should go out. We share a mutual interest in jazz bands from the 80s and I've got some really unique skills that I, personally, believe would be of great value to this relationship. I'll keep this brief, I know you must have other applicants to see, today."
"Why do I think I should be allowed to live in your country? Well, I'm a proactive team player with a keen eye for detail. I'm very punctual and have great presentation skills, too, so I feel I'd make a great ambassador to other countries.
What? Well, I don't know your laws and foreign policies precisely, no, but it's a development opportunity that I'll address at the earliest possible time. Tell you what, think it over, call my people, we'll maybe get a contract arranged if you feel I'm the right candidate."

Y'know, I think maybe I'll make one of those online dating profiles, some day, but just post my CV up there and see what happens. If nothing else, it's a conversation starter. Although I'm not sure I'd want to really get too close to someone who was actively excited about the prospect of a partner with a keen knowledge of time management principles and methodologies, with a solid grounding on their implementation on a mobile device for a specific target demographic.
Unless... y'know, there actually IS anyone like that. Message me, I've some wonderful theories on the concept of personal effectiveness stratgies. That'll while away the long winter nights, for sure.

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