Tuesday, 11 November 2008


As I sit here in my darkened flat,
My mind turns to the past.
Memories of journeys,
Of the day that I left Cas.

Though oft I've acted foolish,
I seldom bore regrets.
Even through embarassment
And things I ate on bets.

For truly are we blessed,
Those of us who know no fear.
Although, I must suspect
That future tales may start with beer. (Alright, that was a bit crappy. Run with it)

But perhaps the most mundane,
And yet, the most exciting,
Occur within these Internets
'pon which I am now writing.

An information superhighway.
A name no longer known.
Land of quite peculiar folk,
My home away from home.

I've travelled these dark waters,
This metaphoric sea.
I've braved the lolcats, trolls and lulz
And modern piracy.

And while I soldier cautiously,
Through nausea, fear and pain.
I know that in my hearts of hearts,
I'll Google once again.

For punishment is truly
That for which I am a glutton.
And even now I'm wonder what
Will spring from that search button.

It's strange, to me, that after all
The trash through which I've hiked,
That still I hold a special fear
Of stories told by Mike.

1 comment:

Hanna said...

Not strange at all. It just shows a strong streak of self-preservation.