Friday, 7 November 2008

From farewell to a new beginning

One hour before the world as I knew it was due to end, things were astonishingly quiet in Batley. All my worldly possessions filled a room you can walk across in 15 paces and all the most important, life enhancing elements of my furniture lay half assembled and arranged in a haphazard manner. With my dad fetching the last few items from home and my mum stocking the wardrobe, things were curiously subdued. I don't suppose there was very much to say, or
rather there was plenty to say, but it wasn't the time to be saying it.
Saying goodbye never gets any easier. Or maybe it does and I just don't do it too often. It's a really strange thing, leaving behind everyone that you've seen on a daily basis for 21 years, but as I sit here, despite having no TV and no Internet connection, I'm experiencing a feeling of contentment that I haven't felt in a good long while. It is peculiar, though. As my parents went down the stairs for the last time and I shut the door, it was kind of like someone flipped a switch from "student" to "adulthood".
'course, there's little evidence for that having happened, considering I've built a small bunker out of bookcases for my computer area, I've filled a 7ft tall bookcase with video games and especially considering that, as I type this, St Barnabus of Lagentium and Gizmo the Mogwai are sizing each other up from opposite ends of the room.
I think it's a territory thing. Gizmo used to look after my room in Cleckheaton, he made sure my alarm clock kept working and generally kept watch at night. Barnabus, however, has experience in protection. He looked after my car for a good 12 months. The room's in 4 quadrants: bed, living, sentimental and the computer warren. Barnabus currently occupies the computer warren while Gizmo is the lord and master of bed. This fight could easily go either way, I reckon. Barnabus isn't very fast, but he does have a knife, while Gizo is much faster but will have to improvise to get a weapon (which he has shown he can do (see Gremlins 2)). However, Gizmo is close to the kitchen and the knife block. I figure that Barnabus can gain a tactical advantage by securing sentimental, but then Gizmo will retaliate with superior firepower.
Alls I know is that if Barnabus ultimately wins, he's going back in the car, because I'm not going to let Cap'n Stabby stand over me all night.

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