Monday, 9 February 2009

BioBlog travel log - 14/01/09

6:15 pm
It's a small world, after all. I think we had a lot to learn from little orphan Annie (although if you live in Britain, the sun may not come out tomorrow. It may remain overcast for 3 weeks. I shan't be betting my bottom dollar, if it's all the same).
I decided to indulge in the hotel restaurant last night. Nice, sure, but it did remind me that I'm just not that posh at all. I try, I get the pretentious tea and I've managed to cast off my old accent and regional slang, but it creeps back when I'm not paying attention. But I'm sat happily finishing off the cheese board (not too bad, but more cheese than any man should desire) after the risotto (pretty damned good) and bidding a fond goodbye to the last of a pot of darjeeling when someone comes up to me.
"Capita financial?"
It's happening. I'm becoming my father in every way. My dad has this terrifying ability to be able to find someone he knows wherever he ends up. He found people he knew on his honeymoon.
In Tenerife.
So apparently I can't get 200 miles away from home and still manage to be completely alone, which is sort of nice.
But anyway, it's Wednesday and I'm not too impressed that gaming night is having to go on without me. It hit me a few days ago, though, that this trip isn't entirely unlike an RPG.
I mean, I've travelled far and wide, leaving everything behind with a clear purpose in mind. I've travelled the streets looking for anything of interest, though haven't found any treasure chests yet. I've travelled to underground dungeons, shot through dark and uninviting caves, been presented with a great many scrolls and have consumed a number of healing potions. With shots of mint in them.
I don't know if cider counts there, too, but it does make me feel better. Maybe that restores mana.
The only thing missing here is the ability to carry all my worldly possessions in one backpack, which many RPGs characters seem to be able to do. Unless it's Earthbound, but then that WAS set in the present day. I guess maybe that's a better metaphor for what I'm doing.
So, 'til tomorrow. Wish you were here and all that. Mostly on account of how adventuring parties of 1 never really work for long and I'm not too happy at the thought of dragging all my stuff around alone on Friday. Must admit, I am rather missing MSN and a full sized keyboard. Perhaps we can alleviate this, somehow...

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