Monday, 9 February 2009

Our future

Children are invincible. This is a plain, simple fact. You see them on TV, they can be involved in some quite spectacular crashes on their bikes and swings, but still come out with nothing but a few scratches and a cheesy grin.
Y'know what'd happen if I fell off a bike? Straight down to A&E, half a day off work, people around asking if I wanted to consider sueing the council as part of an accident and injury lawsuit.
I would not trundle off down the road within 2 minutes.

This might be because I'm a bloke.

This intruiges me, though. Children heal pretty quickly, too. Like, REALLY quickly. They root around in the muck and sludge, catch all kinds of diseases and life the hell out of life.
Y'know how cyborgs are always adults? Why is that? If I were to make a race of unstoppable metal men, I wouldn't go for adults. For one thing, partially robot kiddies would be hard to stop on a psychological level. Especially if they tried to hug you. For another, there's the natural invincibility thing.
It's a shame that a lot of us lose the ability to thumb our noses at death (and common sense). I say some, because if it were all of us then we wouldn't have stuntmen and Jade Goody wouldn't have PAs. I wonder if there's a little switch in the back of your mind that gets switched from "that looks fun!" to "but pain is painful...".
But yeah, children: frikkin' HARDCORE. Rock on, little dudes.

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