Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fear and loathing in Cas Vegas

I don't understand fear. Alright, I don't understand people much either, but fear, fear is really messed up.
People will say there's two reactions to any situation that you're scared of, fight or flight. The desire to run away like a chipmunk or to suddenly become The Fury. I don't agree with this. Let's take an example here:
You're on a road. A car is approaching that you didn't see and you don't have any time to think, you need to react NOW. What do you do?

Right, the correct answer is stand dithering in the road trying to think because there's a bloody great car trundling towards you and you're not equipped to cope with that.
Fear is like one of the most primal feelings we have. It's what keeps us from killing ourselves in particularly stupid ways. Um... it's what keeps MOST of us from doing that. It's just strange that we still need such a very base reaction in order to properly keep ourselves in check. We don't have any natural predators aside from other humans, we don't need to be afraid of spiders and snakes unless we live in places that are too hot to reasonably support human life anyway, so... why is fear still around, then?
What's worse, we have signs and safety standards, rules and suggestions to minimise the amount of times we have to have a brown trousers experience, so why do we inflict NEW ones on ourselves? Work deadlines, horror movies, social anxiety, crime, warnings of epidemics and financial collapse, it's all mad. All these different problems that you just CAN'T run from and that offer no target for a fight, either.
I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that humanity was never intended to live in modern society. Life was never intended to. We do all these strange things that conflict directly with our own personal needs and desires and we think we're doing a good job. You've seen dolphins, right? Bunch of really happy looking little blighters. Now consider how many times a dolphin has decided to form a team to discuss the pod's change management strategy in this financial quarter.
I'd like to see the next 200 years or so. See if we ever do manage to automate everything that doesn't require any form of creative thinking or innovation. It'd be nice to think that some day, not too far from now, the only jobs that people will do will be playing music and writing screenplays.
And they'll only do it for a hobby. If you like playing the flute, you can play it for the sheer pleasure of the thing and for making people happy. That's why I need to conquer the world, really. I do know what's best for us, in the long run.
Well, what's best for me. And maybe the people I care about, I suppose. Really, that's all that matters. The rest of all y'all may well be converted into fuel or cyborgs, it depends on how I feel. I guess what I'm saying is that it might be best to start sucking up now, before I'm too drunk with absolute power to notice.

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