Monday, 9 February 2009

BioBlog travel log - 15/01/09

8:35 am
Last night was amazing. No other word for it. Wandered around the tate modern, saw tower bridge, big ben (again), trafalgar square (again), buckingham palace and the street leading up to it and went to bed feeling decidedly tipsy. It was, in short, pretty much everything I wanted out of a sightseeing holiday. Bit of a chat, a long walk, a few interesting things for me to take pictures of and a meal in the middle of it all.
Speaking of, I need to mention that. I've never been to Nando's, y'see, so we wander into this place. I've seen cathedrals the size of this restaurant. It was just freakin' IMMENSE, but really rather good. I don't know what Savannah cider is, I certainly don't associate South Africa with cider, but it tasted quite good.
Speaking of, our instructor on the course is South African and ever so slightly mad. Quite a fun guy and lord he's good at his job.
So I guess last night marks the end of my fateful travel through the great series of tubes that was the London underground as I prepare, tomorrow, to return to navigating the great series of tubes that are the Internets. In some ways I'll be sad to not get back on the tube, it's certainly exciting, but I've never seen anything more crowded in all my days.
I'm getting used to this place, I think. I can feel my old cynicism creeping back and I'm starting to realise that people just won't trust me without a good reason to, out here. I suppose that's fair enough, now that I think on it I'm happier here when strangers aren't trying to talk to me, too. And given that I've not had a tan for a decade and that my glasses don't quite sit straight, I guess I do look a bit odd, but with so many people in this place, it's just so easy to feel like you fit in. Or at least, to feel like there are people stranger than you walking around.
Incidentally, Buckingham palace is gorgeous. I can highly recommend it. The Thames is worth a look too, if you like water. That might be just me, but I tend to find bodies of water relaxing to be around, so that was pretty neat, too.
I just wish that I still had flesh on the back of my right foot.

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